Collective heritage

In 1961, we envisioned a studio of artists and designers with the freedom to design innovative, unique and marketable home furnishings. Since then, the success of HTK Design is maintained  by a measured philosophy of intelligent and intentional growth.

where we've been

From day one, we’ve focused our gaze on the horizon. In 1980, we became the first furniture design firm to adopt CAD—a decision that catapulted our firm to the forefront of design. In the time since, we’ve never stopped looking forward.

Where We Are

We stay inspired by maintaining one of the most comprehensive, continually evolving print and digital libraries in the industry. And what we can’t reference in our library, we seek out in person. Traveling the globe is integral to our process. We intend to keep pushing boundaries by never accepting any that are laid before us.

Where We're Going

Pioneering new methods of doing business sets our firm apart. It fuels our intensity and passion for satisfying clients’ needs. As we look ahead toward our next chapter, HTK Design will continue designing for a diverse and ever-evolving marketplace.