At HTK Design, our world revolves around delivering creative solutions. We live and breathe this industry. And while we feel fortunate to have played a part in guiding this industry to where it is today, we’re also focused on its future. Our goal is to reimagine where this business can go. We see ourselves working with thought leaders and innovators who will collaborate with us to shape a new direction for our industry.


Our design-centric research approach is seamlessly integrated around a historic perspective and a futuristic vision. Drawing from our expertise, ranging from conceptual design to manufacturing processes, we are able to evaluate consumer needs.

From analysis of advanced market data and analytics to aesthetics and trends, we formulate a design brief that encompasses competitive dynamics, innovative options, critiques the current product portfolio and evaluates distribution channels, while having an awareness of our clients’ current capabilities.

Through continuous research, HTK Design has inherent knowledge to anticipate change. Our goal is to build a virtuous cycle that helps our clients at every stage of growth, developing unique solutions, utilizing our research as the catalyst.


Collaboration is part of our DNA. It’s the common denominator shared by the three services we specialize in. As consultants, partnership with our clients is especially important. It’s fundamental to evaluating our sector and finding unmet needs at a high level.


The world around us is continuously changing. These changes affect more than how we live – they influence the spaces where we live and work. Socioeconomic trends are impacted by demographics, increasing cultural diversity, advancing technology, a desire for customization and a focus on ecological balance. Convergence of these conditions creates opportunities to develop products that can better serve people. Rather than simply observe the evolution, we want to help shape it. We’re eager to partner with you on answering the needs of the population.