Purposeful Solutions

As contract partners, HTK Design brings well researched, well reasoned concepts to the marketplace. We don’t simply offer a creative solution to our clients, we evaluate what already exists in order to ensure our products are unique solutions in a competitive marketplace.   Work with HTK Design when you want to forge a long term relationship that’s rooted in collaboration. Work with us when you know you need a partner more than a vendor.


We are a proactive product development firm that is continually evolving from conceptual response to product launch. Our goal is to partner with clients to develop products that raise the bar in our industry.


Innovation is part of our heritage. Today, it propels us forward — continually pushing us to overcome challenges through design. A forward thinking solution is our measure for success.


Our process involves working with you from the moment we develop a needs assessment to product launch and beyond. We get there through ideation, computer modeling and prototype development. And along the way, we check every decision by asking ourselves if we’ve arrived at the best solution. This comprehensive approach is how we meet and exceed your needs.


Partnership is often confused with having meetings. It’s more than that. We believe in co-creating — producing thoughtfully designed, relevant products.

We are pleased to announce that HTK Design is a 2020 LIT Lighting Design Awards winner for its Ignis Floor Lamp and for its Tourner Pendant.

We are pleased to announce the German Design Council awarded HTK Design an Award of Excellence in the 2018 Furniture Category for its Ode Collection on February 9th in Frankfurt.


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