Residential spaces share a one-of-a-kind bond with the people who live in them.They’re a reflection of their owners — no two exactly alike. Our job is to understand that relationship and draw inspiration from it. This process has consistently guided us in the creation of furnishings that are inherently connected to those who use them.


A needs assessment serves a special purpose. It tells us what we need to know in order to create a piece or collection that connects with consumers. These discussions help us understand precisely what you need for your line and where there’s an opportunity in the marketplace.


As much as we are artists and designers, the people at HTK Design are also researchers, historians and explorers. We travel to near and distant places to learn from the world we live in. These journeys take us to museums and libraries; galleries and book stores; antique shops and trade shows. Because in order to craft something that’s unique to the market, we must identify trends before they become trends.


Home furnishings aren’t always conceived by pushing pixels around a screen. Before we ever sit down at a computer, our designers put pen to paper. Once we’ve settled on a direction, we begin developing it. We work, rework and rework again, until every piece can stand alone or in concert with a collection, while looking forward to our next opportunity to begin the process again.